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                                I've had the chance to be involved in so many amazing projects over the years, from complete renovation of  an apartment in the French alps, staging a million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, doing pure contractor work or designing/building art pieces and furniture as a woodworker, I am extremely proud of each of those projects!

      I created my own business in France in 2013 called "Home Design 74" as an interior designer and contractor in my home town, which was an amazing and very fulfilling experience.

Then I decided to move to Los Angeles, and I got hired by West Elm and Pottery Barn becoming quickly one of their lead installers nationwide!  I was also part of the visual team allowing me to create amazing store displays.

After 5 years as the home installer for the company, I've decided to create my own business of installation, handyman and woodwork services with HOME STUFF. 

All of those projects made me who I am today, I am incredibly thankful for all these amazing opportunities, please take a look...

PROJECT: consisted in buying this 1 bedroom apartment and flip it. turning this space from the 80's into a contemporary and beautiful living space required a lot of work. This was the 1st Design & Renovation project that I created.

PROJECT: This beautiful house in Culver City needed a good update. I've repainted the whole house (wall & trim) and installed new lighting fixtures.

PROJECT: I got hired by a lovely couple in Idyllwild. The husband's parents were living in that house for 20 years and

with time they accumulated a lot of junk, old furniture...The project was very challenging since they wanted to surprise  the parents by achieving a complete makeover of the house in 1 weekend! The goal was to use existing furniture and decoration already in the house that could fit in the new modern decor, organizing the whole garage who was packed up from floor to ceiling, go to Ikea and with a budget of 1500$ buy everything necessary to give that big house (3 bedroom, 2 living room, kitchen/dining room, outdoor area) a fresh and contemporary look! That was a very interesting, intense and complex challenge but the result is amazing!


PROJECT:   This restaurant in Silverlake has hired me many times over the last 2 years to update the space, from painting the side of the building, painting of both bathrooms with new sexy colors, install art/shelves, fix and stain outdoor benches..