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Installation work


                           Being for 5 years the home installer for West Elm & Pottery Barn, I've had the chance  to work in hundreds of homes throughout L.A. From installing beautiful lighting fixtures, shelves, mirrors, setting up a TV/soundbar system, hanging window treatments or creating awesome gallery walls, each project was a great experience and I learned so much from each job.

I quickly became one of the lead installers nationwide for the company performing safe, clean and fast installation appointments for my customers.

My priority as an installer, besides obtaining a great visual result is to be helpful to my customers and provide a stress free experience.

   - I will gladly go to the hardware store if your project requires specific equipment, 

   - I will show up with a set of cleaning equipment, from mini vacuum to window cleaners, the space will be clean by the time I'm done,

   - If I'm done in less than an hour, I will always ask if there's anything else I can help you with,

   - And in the rare situation where I ca't finish the job, I won't charge you and will guide you towards a possible solution.

Now that you know a little bit more about how HOME STUFF, please take a look at the list of installations I can provide, and always feel free to contact me even if your project isn't listed..



From a basic set of curtain rods for your bedroom to a full corner window set with rings or simple shades/blinds, I can install any window accessory you might have as long as under 10Ft high. 


I have created hundreds of gallery walls over the years! Do you have family pictures that you'd like arranged nicely in a hallway or staircase? Or maybe you want to create a unique gallery wall including all sorts of personal items. I can help with any situation you have..Take a look at a few of my favorite creations!


I can install any lighting fixture you have from a simple pendant to a more intricate item requiring assembly or wall sconces, feel free to contact me for any project. I can reach up to 10Ft and an electrical box needs to be present unless it's a plug-in system,